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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

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Our focus texts this term:


Lights on Cotton Rock by David Litchfield

We recapped our knowledge of adjectives and looked at how we could use effective adjectives to create expanded noun phrases and similes. We used all of these descriptive devices to write some wonderful setting descriptions and used the beautiful illustrations from the book to support us with this.

Man on the Moon (A day in the life of Bob) by Simon Bartram

We have really enjoyed reading this book and learning all about Bob's busy life as Man on the Moon. We have used our sequencing and summarising skills to explain the story and have been delving deeper into what we know about the main character - Bob. We will be looking at the skills needed to write an effective diary entry, and we will be creating our very own man or woman of the moon, before creating a diary entry about their busy day of working on the moon. 


Our topics this term are: money, multiplication and division, length and height, and mass, temperature and capacity.


This term's topic is all about animals and humans and what they need in order to survive. We are learning about the life cycles of different animals and how they change as they grow. We have also been learning about animals and the correct names of their offspring. We will be looking at the key elements needed for survival and will learn about healthy eating and hygiene.   


We have been loving our topic all about the challenges that were faced during the Race to Space. We have learnt about key events within the space age and have plotted these on our class timelines. We've also been learning about segregation and the challenges that black people faced during this time.

PE - Gymnastics

We have been learning how to hold and make different shapes and balances with our bodies. We've also been learning about different ways to travel, such as jumping and rolling, to link moves together to create a sequence.



We have been learning all about algorithms and how these are used to program games and apps.