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Curriculum Intent 

At Red Hill, our intent is to provide a Geography curriculum that is designed to develop children’s curiosity and fascination about the natural and human aspects of the world. Teaching and learning in Geography at Red Hill will be creative, stimulating and inspiring for pupils. It is our intention that Geography will promote children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development helping them to have a greater understanding of the world in which they live and their place within it. We are committed to providing children with opportunities to explore a diverse range of places both in the United Kingdom and abroad to help deepen their understanding of the Earth’s physical and human processes. We will motivate children to ask questions about the world and provide them with opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in order to communicate their geographical understanding to a range of audiences. 

We develop the following essential characteristics in geography:

  • An excellent and age-appropriate knowledge of where places are and what they are like, both in Britain and the wider world.
  • An extensive base of geographical knowledge and vocabulary which is appropriate and accurate evolving from EYFS to Key stage 1 and through Key stage 2;
  • The ability to reach clear conclusions and explain their findings;
  • Excellent fieldwork skills as well as other geographical aptitudes and techniques;
  • The ability to express well-balanced opinions, rooted in substantive knowledge and understanding about current issues in society and the environment;
  • A genuine interest in the subject and a real sense of curiosity about the world and the people who live here.


Geography Overview