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Reading - Intent

At Red Hill, reading is central to all children’s learning and progress. Reading is taught as a clear, progressive and tailored process for all learners. The overarching aims of the reading curriculum at Red Hill is to:

  • Develop a love of reading through exposure to a range of stories, books and genres. These are read out loud by others as well as chosen and read independently. 
  • Read fluently, confidently and with a good habit of reading widely including fiction, non-fiction texts and poetry.
  • Develop comprehension skills under the different reading domains to understand content, themes and ideas in what they have read or listened to.
  • Acquire a wide vocabulary, understanding of grammar and understanding of linguistic devices used in writing and spoken language.

Writing - Intent

The English curriculum at Red Hill is deliberately planned to ensure that pupils have the opportunity to practise and build upon their skills in writing in a meaningful and exciting way. Children will engage with writing across the curriculum in order to apply their developing specific subject knowledge for a range of purposes and audiences.

  • Children will develop in writing skills and apply these to a range of independent writing tasks
  • Children strive to be effective writers and think carefully about how to engage their reader through choices over linguistic features and use of sentence types, punctuation; excellent vocabulary.
  • Children will develop in their presentation and handwriting through our whole-school approach.
  • Children will use their reading knowledge to edit and improve their work including applying their developing knowledge of phonics to investigate and understand precise spelling of words.



For parent support videos, please visit the 'Reading at Red Hill' tab under curriculum.

If you would like any further information about our English Curriculum at Red Hill, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

English subject lead – Mrs Sarah Price

Early Reading/Phonics leads - Mrs. Charlie Reason & Miss Chloe Guyatt (Maternity leave)