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Courageous Advocacy

Red Hill children get to live out our vision of "God created you to be amazing" by being courageous advocates. ‘Courageous advocacy’ involves being courageous enough to speak out against injustice and to come together to become informed about issues that people across the world are facing, to tackle issues, support and educate other people, and to improve both their local community as well as helping to address global problems.

Red Hill children live out the school’s Christian values and vision by supporting others as well as supporting charities and we look forward to celebrating each of our courageous advocates on a regular basis.

RSPCA Fundraiser

We were so proud of Georgia, Grace, Ava and Charlotte, who created their own fundraiser for the RSPCA. They designed posters, which they put up around the school, created their own bracelets and cakes, and organised the entire event.

They raised over £300 and should be incredibly proud of themselves.



Skye cutting her hair for Little Princess Trust


Skye in 2CG has been extremely courageous and has had her long hair cut into a beautiful bob, so that she can donate it to the Little Princess Trust and raise some money for the charity!

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or to other conditions such as Alopecia.

The charity is also one of the largest funders of childhood cancer research in the UK and relies solely on the generosity of its wonderful supporters who help the charity give Hair and Hope to so many children and young people with cancer each year.

Skye raised a massive £316!!! We are so incredibly proud of her!

Eco Club protecting our environment

Our Eco Club worked together to litter pick our school environment. Well done for protecting our planet and keeping us all safe.


Rags to Riches

Our school community donated a wide range of old clothes to be recycled and used for good causes in exchange for cash for our school. Our Eco Club did a fantastic job of helping with the weigh in!


Supporting the homeless

Children in Year 1 suggested that they wanted to help the homeless and therefore made a selection of sandwiches and cakes for the Street Cafe, who distribute the food to Worcester's homeless people. They worked collaboratively to make the sandwiches, pack them up and Miss Thomas delivered them to people in need.